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These Some Foods Is A Popular Food In United Kingdom

You must often hear that there are many people who want to go to the United Kingdom (UK). The UK does have many beautiful states. There are many people who go to the UK for vacation or they continue their learning process at top universities there. There are many well-known universities in the UK. However, to get there, you must have a UK visa. You can do a b1 test booking so you can do the test

The UK has many delicious foods that are liked by many people. Here are some good foods in the UK that you have to try if you are there.

Muffins are a type of traditional food in the form of rolls, round and thin. The basic ingredients are made from bread dough that is given yeast. At best, this sweet cake is enjoyed in winter and served with warm drinks such as tea or coffee. How to eat even unique, must be torn first and given a spread of butter then baked again.

Fish and Chips
Fish and chips are foods made from fried fish and potatoes. This food was first introduced in England in the 1860s. The size of the chips that are bigger than the french fries is enough to make you full. Although fried fish and chips are very soft, this is because the fish used is mashed first

Yorkshire Pudding
Pudding is always synonymous with sweet-flavored foods with melted chocolate and milk. But in England, it turns out there is pudding that uses toping meat and vegetables. Basically, pudding in the UK is divided into two flavors, sweet and savory. Generally eaten at Sunday Lunch. This pudding is usually served with the main food. This is the traditional way of eating pudding and is still common in parts of Yorkshire to date. The rich sauce coupled with sliced roast will add to the taste.