How To Arrange A Bedroom In An Apartment

How to arrange a bedroom in a studio apartment must be done carefully because each studio apartment has a different size and shape of the room. With limited land area, how to arrange the bedroom as much as possible does not make the room feel cramped. How to organize the bedroom of a one holland village showflat should be adjusted to the character of the occupants and the shape of the room.

Studio apartments usually only have one large room that functions as a place for various activities and spaces starting from the living room, family room, bedroom and even a kitchen area. If you occupy a studio type apartment, it becomes a challenge when you arrange the interior. Here are some ways to look at the interior of a one holland village showflat that only has one open space, no divider, and no boundaries.

1. The curtain divides the privacy area

The curtain is one of the items that can be used to protect your bedroom area. Even when open, this curtain can also be used as a space divider. So, in your one holland village showflat you will stay awake where is your personal area and other room areas that guests can explore.

2. Separating beam

You can also use truss as a way to limit the bedroom to other rooms in the one holland village showflat. Indeed, it cannot hide the bedroom area as a whole, at least guests visiting your apartment will understand which area is more private. To be a little closed, you can also place a small dressing table on the front of the support beam. So at least your bedroom is a little closed.

3. Glass wall panel

If you decide to make a bulkhead permanently, you can use paneled glass walls. Paneled glass walls such as glass doors are effective for limiting the one holland village showflat area. If you don’t want it to open, you can also add a curtain to cover the view of the guest into the room.

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