How To Remove Tree Stump

Tree stumps that are in the unwanted place could disturb the scenery and activity. To get rid of it, you can hire a professional like you could get at to make the process easy and quick, but you can also do it yourself. The trick is quite easy, you could do it by using a stump remover. Most products are made from potassium nitrate granules, which speed up the decay process.

The first thing you have to do is to cut the remaining tree stumps as short as possible. Using a drill, make several vertical holes in the tree stump about 10 cm – 12 cm from the edge of the trunk, with a depth of 30 cm. Also make a hole from the side of the rod that is connected with a vertical hole, with an angle of 45 degrees. This hole will speed up stump rot and as a ventilation hole during the combustion process. Pour the stump remover granules into the hole and pour enough water. For that, choose a granular stump remover because it is easier to settle to the bottom of the hole. Powder-shaped stump removers can clot and float on the surface of the hole. The stump will rot after four to six weeks.

During the process, keep children and pets away from the location.

After the wood has weathered, you can cut it with an ax. To remove any residual stumps, burn them with kerosene or engine oil – don’t use gasoline. Wait for the liquid to seep into the rest of the wood (this can take several weeks). The burning process usually takes several days, so you should monitor it. If you feel the combustion process is dangerous, then use the ax to finish the job. It should be noted, stump remover only works on wood stumps that have been dead for at least one year, not for newly cut stumps. The process is long and could be dangerous or you could do it easily by getting help from professional tree service.

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