Nature Trip In Miami

Rather than go to a city with all its hilarity, maybe you want to go to the nature as your vacation in holiday time. There are many choices of vacation that you can choose, such as the country that you want to visit the island or you want to try surfing at the beach or climbing at its mountain. If you want to have a vacation in Miami with its nature trip, that is a totally great choice! But first, when you have a vacation at Miami you can try villa miami by rented a villa in Villazzoo. Look at their website for further information.

First, you can try Monkey Jungle. Here you can get an animal educational tour, especially about monkey jungle. You can make a direct interaction with the monkeys there because of this jungle within forest concept. Also, you can feed them and this is the best place for a family tour in Miami. But, not only Monkey Jungle that you can visit in Miami, but you can also visit the Parrot Jungle Island. Here, you can find any kind of birds that free life in this nature. Birds in this Parrot Jungle Island is protected by the government. In this Parrot Jungle Island, you can find flamingos, parrots, cockatoo, and many more. In this 18 hectares of jungle island, you can also find orangutan, crocodile, tiger, and many more.

Last, of course, South Beach. This beach is very famous around the world with thousands of tourists visit South Beach every year. You can do surfing ar sunbathing or just take a walk at its beach. Here, there are many souvenirs outlet that you can buy here. Or you want to taste Miami traditional foods, such as ceviche, sandwich, churrasco, mofongo, arepas, and many others.

Enjoy many destinations in Miami with all the people you love!

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