Reasons Why Women Ignore Your Text

If you are already following all the tips and trick on the internet on how to text a girl but your crush still not replying your message you sent three days ago then it is time to do a little self-reflection to make sure that you are not doing all the things that could make your crush lose interest in you.

The first mistake that too many people do is nagging their crush with question after question when their crush does not reply to their message instantly. Even though you haven’t been official, but you’re already nagging. Asking her whereabouts, why she took a long time replied your chat and demanded that she reply to your chat faster is the biggest taboo. Okay, now maybe you will complain that if she is interested in you, then she would reply to your chat faster. Do not be selfish because her activity is not only replying to your chat. If you behave like this, it means you are less productive in the real world so your job is just waiting for a reply from her alone.

Women like to be close to men who have a passion for something. The level of interest and sexiness of men immediately skyrocketed in the eyes of women. As a man, you can teach women new things if you have special skills or interests in something. Therefore, if you have expertise or interest, don’t hesitate to show it to the crush. Your chat will rarely be answered if your chat is boring and that’s all.

The other reason why she is ignoring your text is that you are not genuinely caring for her. For example when she is talking about her hobbies or work, but you only reply modestly without asking further. Or when she eagerly discusses what she is doing during the holidays, your chat replies seem to show no interest in the story. If you like her sincerely, you will want to put an interest in her life. Believe me, if you do this, the more comfortable she will talk with you.

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