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These Are Factors That Cause Termites To Invade Your House

Termites are capable of damaging the wooden parts of your house quickly. They can also damage the precious your wooden furniture at home. That’s why you need to know how to prevent termites infestations at home, and you can call the best home pest control service near your area if it’s already happening in your house. Moreover, you also need to know some factors that cause termites to invade your house.

Here are the factors that you must know:

You put a lot of lumbers directly above the ground

Termites always hunt for woods from the ground. As you can expect, they built nests and tunnels underground, and they come up when they sense there’s some woods on the surface of the ground. You may want to prevent your lumbers from coming into contact with the ground so it won’t be found by the termites easily.

You have a leaking pipe in your house

A leaking pipe causes the area around it becomes humid. It’s a perfect for termites to build a nest there.

Your lumbers are wet

Termites can smell wet woods a lot easier than dry woods. So you must keep your woods dry all the time.