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What You Need To Do When She Is Not Texting Back

If your crush doesn’t reply to your chat texting a girl, what do you usually do? You must have thought to ask her why she did not reply to your chat. “Are you busy?” Or “I’m sorry, Am I bothering you?” Or “How come we don’t chat anymore?” Sometimes if you don’t ask directly, you ask other people why your crush won’t reply to your chat. Are there any mistakes from your previous chat that made her lose interest in you. Then you get carried away by yourself. Whatever your mistake and the reason for your crush not replying to your chat, being ignored could be hurtful. You are trying to correct your mistakes. From apologizing many times, begging, bribing, and trying to regain her attention.

What you need to do at this time is ask her but just one time. For those of you who are still curious, how do you ask why your crush doesn’t reply to your chat without sounding desperate? Ask her, “I’ve not heard from you in the past few days. Let’s meet this week! “If there is no response or the response is not satisfying to you, then there is no hope anymore. You have no choice but to look for a new date. But you have to give one chance for your crush. Who knows, she doesn’t chat back because the phone is damaged, is busy, or facing an emergency. Set a time limit, for example, three days, to wait for the reason she doesn’t reply to your chat. Just give her one chance. If the next she is still not proactive reply to your chat, forget her.

If you have known each other for quite a long time, used to chat a lot, and have been on several dates, just leave a goodbye message so you can move on more easily. Just say to her, “I assume you have no intention to relate to me anymore. Sorry if I got it wrong, but I won’t bother you after this. Goodbye! “