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Teeth Cavities Might Cause Bad Breath

The mouth and teeth are home to various types of bacteria. Mouth bacteria live by eating sugar from the leftovers of food and drinks tucked between the cracks of the teeth. Digestion of the bacteria then produces acids that can erode the surface of the teeth and make them porous. This substance will continue to erode the teeth into it and gradually cause decay. Meanwhile, you can visit www.dentistdrpowell.com if you need a dentist who can treat your teeth cavities and bad breath.

The surface of the teeth finally disintegrates slowly and small holes form on the teeth. The longer the bacteria and acid stick to the teeth, the more the size of the hole and the damage that occurs.

These bacteria continue to live and multiply in cavities. When digesting food, bacteria in cavities also produce waste that causes bad breath.

Bad breath can get worse if there are bacteria like Fusobacterium, P. intermedia, and T. denticola. The three bacteria break down proteins into sulfide compounds. These compounds make bad breath.