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You Should Know This When You Design A Minimalist Bathroom

The easiest way to design a bathroom is to play with ceramics. Choose ceramic colors and patterns that are tailored to the atmosphere or mood that you want to build. Small bathrooms can look more spacious with the right selection of ceramic motifs. If you have a bathroom measuring 1 × 2 meters try adding ceramic motifs with a larger size. Selection of ceramic motifs with a larger size can make a bathroom automatically look much bigger. However, you must consider again this ceramic motif must be in line with standard ceramics that have been used. Additionally, if you want to buy new bathroom vanity which suits your ceramic, you may read the bathroom vanity buying guide.

Install the showerhead

Today’s shower has many models, the solution for the size of a small bathroom is to install a shower head without a hose. A shower that is mounted on the ceiling will make the bathroom look more spacious and modern. Plus, it will be more efficient than a shower in general.

Showerhead without hose also automatically makes the bathroom look clean and tidy. But don’t forget to put a partition in the shower area, you still have to separate the dry and wet areas. Look for partitions that fit the overall design concept of your bathroom.

Natural stone for a natural impression

Although its small size doesn’t mean the bathroom can’t be made comfortable. One of the easiest ways to design a bathroom is to add access to natural stone in the bathroom. You don’t need all the parts, choose one side that will install natural stone.

This natural stone gives a natural impression while making the center of attention. People will forget about the narrowness of your room because of natural stone. In addition, natural stone maintenance in the bathroom is also somewhat easier. Choose white or beige stones for an elegant impression, while for a luxurious impression you can try black granite.