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What You Should Master In B1 English Test For UK

Having good ability in English especially fluently both speaking, listening, writing and reading will make you feel confident enough. Moreover, it is not your mother tongue language. However, have you noticed that there are some levels that you can master? One of them is the quick english test that will notify you at what level you are.

Commonly, this B1 English test is enough to get communication and interaction with native speakers about the common topic of conversation. It is commonly done as the daily conversation both in the school, workplace, on the road, and other places for daily conversation.

However, how is the way to know the result of your B1 English test? Of course, you need to do a certain test that may be different from the English test commonly done in the college. And here, we will notify you of the things that you can do with this B1 English test.

Things You Should Master In B1 English Test
Commonly, at this level, the English ability cannot be used maximally and fully in the workplace. It is only limited to the general daily speaks and email language ad usage. Based on CEFR, someone at this level should be able to do these followings.

1. Able to understand the main point of the clear standard input about the general things in school, recreation, workplace, and their daily activities.
2. Able to handle most situation likely occur when going somewhere or traveling in a certain area, especially for English spoken language.
3. Able to produce simple connected texts on a topic that are familiar or related to personal interest.
4. Able to describe events and experiences, hopes, ambitions, dreams, and provides the reasons or explanation clearly.

How is about your ability? You may think that you are able to do those exactly. But, you may also feel doubtful about the score that you may get. Therefore, it is better for you to join certain B1 English test held around you.

For you living around the UK and you are immigration or UK visas, you can join the test in British Life Skills. This has been recognized internationally so you can use it for wider utility. Are you curious? Just open their website on the test menu in order to get the right information.