These Are Some Common Cases That Make People Do Rhinoplasty Surgery

Of course, the standards for beautiful nose vary. However, people who think that their nose isn’t pretty usually have the same problem. Therefore we will try to describe several cases of patients based on their nose type who visited the clinic of Rhinoplasty in Scottsdale.

Here are examples of cases where people choose to undergo rhinoplasty surgery:

The nose is too low

A nose that is too low makes the face look wide, and the distance between the eyes feels far. The mouth and chin are relatively prominent and the face as a whole does not look like 3 dimensions. Low nose cases are divided into two cases, flat nose, and a short nose. For cases of short nose, nose lengthening surgery should also be done together. This operation is one of the plastic surgery operations with a high degree of difficulty. As for the case of a low nose, not only is the nasal bone raised but the tip of the nose is also raised to get a beautiful nose shape and increase patient satisfaction.

Very large nose

In general, people prefer nasal bones and high nose tips. Nobody likes a nose that is too big. The meaning of a large nose is the tip of a wide and blunt nose with a wide nostril. We have tried to summarize the content of patient consultations. They are often called “plebeians, look stupid” so they are often hurt mentally when they hear these painful words. Such patients can be helped by cutting a bit of nostril cartilage, removing subcutaneous fat and meat at the tip of the nose and then raising the tip of the nose to give the impression of graceful, elegant and intelligent

The patient does not like a curved nose

One complex type of nose is the type of nose that is curved where the center of the nose bone is protruding and curved. Often we hear people with this type of nose look hard and not soft. Curved nose plastic surgery aims to remove the protruding/curved. Which depends on the severity of nasal irregularities and individual conditions, can only be eroded or cut bones.

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